What causes increased risk of urticaria?


What causes increased risk of urticaria?

There are several risk factors for urticaria (urticaria), such as:

Gender- Women have twice as much disease as men.

The age-young adult is more at risk of getting the disease.

Understand diagnosis and treatment

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How is urticaria diagnosed?

The doctor may ask a number of questions that may make it easier to diagnose urticaria. Like what you do every day, what medicines, herbal remedies or supplements you take, what you eat and drink, where hives appear and how long it fades. Further, blood and allergy tests can be done to confirm.

How is urticaria treated?

Usually, hives are cured by themselves within a few days. In some cases antihistamines are prescribed to reduce symptoms and steroids (oral corticosteroids) may be given for a short time to treat severe cases of urticaria.

  • To control urticaria it is necessary to treat the internal factors responsible for it
  • Lifestyle changes and home remedies
  • Can lifestyle changes or home remedies help me cope with hives?
  • The following lifestyle and home remedies can help you cope with hives:

  • Wear light and loose clothes
  • Avoid scratching the skin or using hard soap. Do not itch, this will make the condition worse.
  • Keep the affected area cool
  • When the disease occurs, in which part, keep an eye on what you ate at that time. This can help you and your doctor identify the causes.
  • Avoid the causes of the disease that you know.
  • Foment the body with a cold cloth. It will provide relief from burning and itching on the body and skin.
  • You can use anti-itching solution after consulting a doctor while taking a bath. Also you can take a bath by mixing baking soda with oatmeal. Oatmeal bath is a better option for your skin. This will also cure the dryness of your skin and the rashes that have occurred due to urticaria will also get relief in recovery.
  • You can also apply aloe vera on your skin. This will cure the rashes caused by itching on your skin quickly.
  • Do not use any sunscreen cream or lotion on the skin. This will make the condition of hives worse.
  • Wear comfortable and loose-fitting clothes, this will soothe your skin and reduce itching.
  • You can take Vitamin D to reduce the symptoms of urticaria. Sun rays are considered to be the best source of Vitamin D, for this you sit in the light pink sun in the morning and sunlight the body. When wearing incense, do not wear thick clothes but wear light colored clothes. Also for vitamin D you can try some other things. If you are a pure vegetarian, increase the amount of fruits and vegetables containing vitamin D in your diet. Include sprouted grains in breakfast and dairy products such as yogurt in lunch.

In this article, we have tried to tell you the essential things related to urticaria (urticaria). Hope you like the information given by Hello Health. If you want to know the answer to any other question related to this disease, then definitely ask us. We will try to get your questions answered by medical experts. Take care and stay healthy.

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Here are some questions of related of hives or urticaria

1. How is urticaria in children caused ?

Commonly known as rubella, it is a common allergic skin disease and a common skin disease in children. At the time of the onset, there will be rubella (lumps) of different sizes on the skin. When you touch it by hand, you will find a hard feeling and itching. The surface antigen of the rubella block sees the pores, and a slight scratch on the skin can show a red mark slightly higher than the surface of the skin. This is caused by the cells and fluid in the blood vessel Read More.

2. What is hives ?

Hives is a red bump that grows on the surface of the skin and feels itchy. This article will outline the causes, symptoms and treatment of hives. Main point of hives is following Read More.


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