What are the plans for men’s fitness diet? Which kind of food must be eaten ?


Men expect to have a sturdy figure. In addition to exercise, diet is also an important part. Many men who are keen on fitness only know that protein supplementation is very important, and often ignore the intake of vegetables, which leads to unbalanced nutrition and unsatisfactory fitness effects. The editor below will share with you the fitness diet plan and teach you how to keep fit.

How to Pay attention to heat balance ?

Because more energy is consumed during exercise, only timely supplementation can meet normal needs and maintain sufficient physical strength and necessary energy (energy food) reserves. However, too much calories can lead to increased body fat, body weight, and reduced work capacity. Therefore, the arrangement of diet during exercise must be reasonable, and it must vary from person to person and to exercise time, intensity, and items.

How to Pay attention to the reasonable ratio of heat source quality ?

The supply of heat source materials after exercise should be divided into main sugar (starch staple food such as rice and steamed bread), and less fat. During strength exercises, the metabolism of nitrogen in the body is faster, and because strength exercises greatly increase the demand for protein in muscles, special attention should be paid to the supply of protein (protein food) to determine the effect of improving exercise and fitness. The role of.

How to take Sufficient vitamins (vitamin food) ?

Vitamins are essential nutrients for maintaining life and regulating metabolism. Lack of vitamins will cause the body’s ability to move and resistance to decline, and physical strength and energy will also decrease. During exercise, the metabolism is strong, hormone levels increase, and perspiration increases. The requirement for vitamins also varies with the form of exercise. In general, endurance exercise requires a greater amount of vitamin C.

The above is about how to formulate a fitness diet plan. Only by understanding how to eat correctly can you formulate a suitable and effective weight loss plan. After the diet and fitness plan is formulated, you must strictly implement it yourself. The eating time should be adapted to the exercise time. In addition, you need to master the time. It is best to exercise before or after 2 hours of eating.

What kinds of fitness food ? that men can’t do without


Raw onions can protect your muscles. It can fight harmful free radicals produced by intense training. Too many free radicals can cause muscle inflammation and loss of nutrients in the muscles. When onions are taken together with other nutrients that promote muscle growth, they will increase the amount of nutrients absorbed by the muscles.

Suggestion: After strength training, you can eat raw onion in a chicken sandwich.

2.Black beans

Black beans are a kind of food that can give you energy. Compared with other legumes, black beans contain more fiber, which can effectively fill your stomach and produce a feeling of fullness, avoiding excessive carbohydrate intake. At the same time, black beans contain a very complex structure of carbohydrates, which when converted into energy in the body, will allow you to maintain energy throughout the day.

Suggestion: Drink black bean porridge twice a week for breakfast to increase your body.

3.White bread

The argument about white bread is very contradictory. On the one hand, digestion and absorption are fast, which increases the body’s possibility of storing fat. But on the other hand, for fitness enthusiasts who pursue muscle mass, rapid consumption and absorption are beneficial. Ingesting fast carbohydrates before and after training can prevent muscle breakdown, especially when it is taken with protein at the same time. Eating a few slices of white bread and fat-free cheese can create an internal environment conducive to muscle growth.

Suggestion: Eat two slices of bread with cheese 30 minutes before fitness training, 3 to 4 slices of bread with jam and whey protein shake after training.


Papaya is rich in potassium to improve muscle contraction. Papaya enzyme promotes the digestion of protein and can improve the absorption, retention and muscle growth of protein. So papaya should have a place in a high-protein diet.

Suggestion: Every time you eat protein, eat a small cup of papaya meat to achieve better muscle gain.

5.Beef liver

Know that beef liver is one of the most nutritious foods. It contains creatine that can promote muscle growth; carnitine promotes the secretion of male hormones and fat metabolism; B vitamins participate in energy metabolism; iron enhances the production of myoglobin. Beef liver contains less fat and calories than beef, and no carbohydrates.


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