Facial Steamer :What are the benefits of a facial steamer?


The facial steamer can be said to be a beauty artifact. Many beauty experts recommend it, but there are still doubts about the unused ones benefits of a facial steamer as under.

1. How good is it?

The nano-level high-temperature mist particles ejected from the facial steamer can improve the microcirculation of the skin, enhance the nutrient supply of the skin, nerves, and blood vessels, and keep the skin rosy, shiny and tender.

2. Deep cleansing

Using the steam spray of the face steamer to fumigate the facial skin can soften the hair follicles and keratinocytes, which is beneficial to remove the dirt and keratinocytes in the deep layer of the hair follicles during cleaning and massage, and can more thoroughly remove the dirt and cosmetics from the skin. The skin is fresh, smooth and fine.

3. Sterilization and anti-inflammatory

Many instruments are equipped with ozone devices, which will produce ozone when the instruments are working, which has a certain sterilization and anti-inflammatory effect.

4.  Promote healing and regeneration

Because the nano-scale high-temperature mist particles ionized by the facial steamer are rich in oxygen ions, the impact generated during spraying is beneficial to enhance the absorption of oxygen ions by the skin. Under its thermal effect, it can strengthen the aerobic metabolism of the skin, increase the oxygen release of oxygenated hemoglobin in the tissues, improve the oxygen supply of the skin, reduce skin edema, exudation, blood stasis, itching, etc., and also promote Healing of skin lesions and regeneration of epithelial cells.

5. Moisturizing

Through scientific and technological means, water is converted into nano-level high-temperature mist particles, which can open the pores when used, and allow the nano-water particles to be directly absorbed by the skin, making it efficient, safe and thorough.

6. Refine pores

When using the face steamer, due to the thermal effect of the instrument, the pores can be opened in a short time and the dirt in the pores can be softened. If the face is cleaned with warm water immediately after steaming, the dirt in the pores will be easily washed away , After washing, apply cold water to make the pores shrink quickly, so that the pores will become thinner and thinner!

After reading it, I want to buy one and use it. But how should it be used?

  1. Cleansing: Clean the face before using the steamer.
  2. Steaming the face: Turn on the instrument and replenish the face with deep water 20cm away from the spray port. The time is about 10 minutes.
  3. Care: After using the steamer for deep hydration, apply daily skin care products for a basic care, such as facial mask lotion, cream, essence, etc.


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