Some easy steps, you will get rest in just a few seconds. Often Due to wrong way of immediate getting up or sitting and weakness, the veins of hands and feet are climbed. The person starts feeling a lot of pain. As well as you are also troubled by pain due to the veins of your hands or feet, then this simple solution can give you relief in the blink of an eye.

Why the vein goes up

The position of a vein is involuntary contraction of the muscle. Many times the muscles rapidly shrink to severe, due to which the muscles become hard lumps and due to which the affected veins stop working for some time. Unbearable pain due to

Salt remedy

A simple solution of salt on the vein can give you relief in a few seconds. For this, whenever something like this happens to you, immediately lick a pinch of salt. Apart from this, by applying ice on the painful place, it also provides instant relief.

Salt and banana

Apart from salt, banana intake also relieves this pain. Let me tell you, due to the presence of plenty of potassium in bananas, it gives relief when a vein is made.


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