Sugarcane has many benefits ,Rich in glucose and fructose


Sugarcane is one of the winter fruits and the only stem plant among fruits. Because of its sweetness and juicy, sweet pulp and high sugar content, it is called “sweet water warehouse”, and both adults and children like it very much.

Mostly  medicine believes that sugarcane has the effects of clearing away heat and detoxification, promoting body fluid and quenching thirst, moisturizing the lungs and removing dryness. The water content of sugarcane is as high as 84%, and it is rich in sucrose, glucose and fructose. It is an excellent raw material for sugar production, and it also contains a variety of vitamins and minerals. Eating sugar cane can not only quench thirst, but also provide nutrition, replenish energy and relieve fatigue. It is suitable for patients with hypoglycemia.

Sugarcane is a fruit with a lot of crude fiber.

 It not only moisturizes the throat and protects the throat, chewing more sugarcane is equivalent to cleaning the mouth, thus playing a role in health care of teeth, which can be called “oral cleaner”. As the proverb says: “Lidong eating sugarcane will not cause tooth pain.” Patients with bad taste and stomatitis may wish to chew sugarcane more.

In addition to eating raw and chewing, sugarcane can also be juiced, roasted, stewed, etc. Juicing is very suitable for the elderly and children with poor teeth. The rice cooked with sugar cane juice is sweeter and appetizing.

Roasted sugarcane in a microwave oven will make it sweeter and softer, warming the mouth and stomach; cut into pieces and stewed together with horseshoe can moisten the throat and clear the heat; cut into small pieces and stew together with the mutton to neutralize The hotness of mutton, it won’t get hot after eating, and the absorption of dietary fiber can make it taste delicious and not greasy, suitable for winter tonic.

Sugar cane has a high sugar content.

 It is good to eat 1 to 2 knots each time, not too much; people with diabetes are best not to eat it; due to the coldness of sugar cane, people with cold spleen and stomach are usually best to eat less.

There are 3 tips for selecting sugarcane:

  • Touch. The skin of high-quality sugarcane is purple, the surface is smooth, and there are hoarfrost.
  • Look. The flesh of fresh sugarcane is milky white with tight texture.
  • smell. The texture of moldy sugarcane is soft, the flesh is slightly darker, light brown, and has a musty smell. Don’t eat sugarcane that has become moldy and has red threads. Beware of poisoning and damage the optic nerve or central nervous system.


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