How can you get dark circles? Test what kind of dark circles you have


In fact, there are many kinds of dark circles, and the methods for each type of dark circle are different. To get rid of dark circles, you must first figure out its type before you can prescribe the right medicine.

The eyelid (commonly known as “eyelid”) is one of the thinnest parts of human skin, even thin and transparent. In addition, the fat layer under the skin is very thin or even absent here, so the blood vessels in the subcutaneous and muscles show color. The natural aging of the skin brought about by age is bound to be accompanied by further loss of subcutaneous fat and thinning of the dermis. Photoaging will also aggravate the latter, so dark circles will become more and more serious with age.

Dark circles classification

Vascular dark circles (cyan dark circles)

The vascular type is the most common type of dark circles in the Chinese. This kind of dark circle mainly appears on the lower eyelids and is blue in color.

The skin structure around the eyes of vascular dark circles is thin, the blood flow in the capillaries is slow, and the local blood circulation is not smooth, the blood is hypoxia, and the proportion of hemoglobin increases. When the blood volume increases and the oxygen is consumed, the hypoxia is caused The “hemoglobin” increases, and the color becomes more purple and more conspicuous. This is also the reason why dark circles will increase after staying up late.

The main idea of ​​improving dark circles is to promote eye microcirculation. These kinds of dark circles and red blood streaks have the same cause.

Pigment type dark circles (brown dark circles)

Brown eye circles are mostly related to aging, pigmented dark circles caused by pigmentation or dull skin around the eyes. Long-term sun exposure causes insufficiency of melanin production or metabolism, resulting in pigmentation around the eyes, which can form dark circles over time. In addition, if you frequently use cosmetics, often draw eyeliner and mascara, and do not thoroughly remove your makeup, some dark cosmetic particles may penetrate into the eyelids, which may cause pigmented dark circles.

This kind of dark circle is mostly related to aging, and the main mechanism of its improvement is whitening. It is also necessary to keep in mind that it is the right way to strengthen sun protection during the day, and physical sun protection is recommended for the eyes.

The most obvious feature of dark circles under the eyes is the condition that is accompanied by eye bags and tear grooves. It is because of the protruding eye bags, swollen eyes, sunken tear grooves, and sagging eye bags that form shadows around the eyes. Use your fingers to spread the skin around the eyes, and you will find that there are no dark circles around the eyes, which are loose dark circles.

How to determine what kind of dark circles?

The judgment method is as follows

Method 1: Use your fingertips to gently flatten the lower eyelid to see if the dark circles are diminished.

Method 2: Raise the mirror with your hands and face up to about 45 degrees to observe whether your dark circles in the mirror change.

There are three judgment results

(1) The color of the lower eyelid becomes lighter after the lower eyelid is flattened + dark circles are still visible when the face is raised = vascular dark circles (cyan dark circles)

(2) The color does not fade after the lower eyelid is flattened + dark circles are still alive when the face is raised = brown dark circles.

(3) The color of the lower eyelid becomes lighter after the lower eyelid is flattened + the dark circles become lighter when the face is raised + the eye socket skin protrudes from the side = black dark circles

Vascular dark circles


Cyan, when tired, will darken to black cyan.


It will appear from the top of the eye to the lower eye socket, and the size varies from person to person.

Who is most prone to this kind of cyan dark circles:

◎People with cold physique and poor blood circulation;

◎People who do not exercise enough and sit still all day;

◎People with insufficient sleep and irregular daily routines.

Causes of cyan and dark circles of eye bags, puffiness, and shadow:

The congestion caused by poor blood circulation appears through thin eyelids, especially in people with fair skin. When you open the dark circles with your hands, the skin will stretch out thinner, and the color will be more obvious here, which is also one of the characteristics of the vascular type.

Brown dark circles


Presents different shades of brown, accompanied by uneven skin tone.


Most of them appear on the head of the eye, both in the upper and lower eye sockets, with a large range.

Who is most prone to brown dark circles?

◎People who often get in the sun or do not do well in sun protection

◎People who make up every day but do not remove makeup thoroughly;

◎People with allergies and who like to rub their eyes.

Black eyes


Light gray to dark gray.


The shape of the lower eyelid and under the eye bag is relatively slender.
Who is most likely to have dark circles under the eyes:

◎People with thin skin, many fine lines around the eyes, and loose skin;

◎People with big eyes and deep facial features;

◎People who are prone to edema.

Causes of dark circles under the eyes:

With age, the skin around the eyes becomes dull due to pigmentation in the lower eyelid or external stimuli. The lower eyelids become loose, causing the bags under the eyes to enlarge, forming a black shadow, which looks like dark circles.

Promote blood microcirculation, glucosyl hesperidin and caffeine, activate the skin microcirculation around the eyes, promote blood microcirculation around the eyes, effectively improve dark circles and dull skin around the eyes, and diminish the dark circles caused by fatigue.

Chrysanthemum (CHRYSANTHEMUM PARTHENIUM) extract, tea (CAMELLIA SINENSIS) extract, magnolol, whitening inhibit inflammation and anti-inflammatory, reduce the production of melanin and prevent the oxidation process of melanin, has the function of moisturizing and activating the skin.

Retinol and adenosine. Adenosine is an endogenous nucleoside that can be found throughout human cells. It is an amino acid component produced in the cell during the metabolism of cell tissue and has a good effect on wrinkles. And combined with acupoint massage can receive better results.

In addition to the use of eye cream, the following are the daily habits to pay attention to dark circles:

(1) Eat less raw and cold salads and more warm vegetables to avoid body cold.

(2) After the basic skincare is done, let the cosmetics touch the skin, the chance of skin pigmentation will be reduced.

(3) Never rub your eyes when applying or removing makeup, try to avoid irritating your skin.

(4) Taking vitamin C and E vegetables, brown rice, and coix seed tea not only has a whitening effect but also helps the body resist ultraviolet rays. Try to eat less sensitive fruits and vegetables such as lemons and celery during the day.

The above is the theoretical classification of dark circles. In fact, there are many reasons for dark circles:

(1) Genetic constitution and physiological structure.

When the skin around the orbit is particularly thin and the subcutaneous tissue is particularly small, when the blood flows through the large veins here, blue-black dizziness will easily appear under the surface of the skin, which looks the same black. eye socket.

(2) Lack of sleep

There are many microvessels around the eyes, staying up late makes the eyelids not rested, the blood vessels continue to tighten and contract, and the blood flow increases for a long time, causing blood vessel congestion and edema in the subcutaneous tissue of the eye circle, leaving a dark shadow.

(3) Long-term illness and frailty or initial recovery from a serious illness

As the subcutaneous tissue around the eyes is weak, the skin is prone to pigmentation, and it is easy to show up on the upper and lower eyelids, and a dark circle appears.

(4) Inflammation

Hereditary allergies or allergic contact dermatitis, dark circles may appear around the orbit.

(5) Other

For example, excessive use of cosmetics, smoking, old age, irregular menstruation, and certain liver and kidney diseases may cause dark circles.

Therefore, it is necessary to maintain good living habits and skincare habits, take care of the eyes, do not stay up late, do a good job of sun protection, and pay attention to removing makeup around the eyes.


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