Have you remembered the 4 major misunderstandings of using aloe vera gel? Wrong use can cause acne.


Aloe vera gel is one of the miracles of anti-acne skin care. Many young skin care little whites have been used by this artifact. It can replenish water, remove acne, remove acne marks, and resist allergies. It is used correctly, not only removes acne, but also nourish the skin. Wrong use is the 4 misunderstandings that can cause damage to the skin, and it is more prone to acne. First of all, the first weapon is self-made. Don’t think that fresh aloe vera will double the effect of skin care. DIY self-made aloe vera gel. Aloe vera contains chemicals such as aloin resin. After applying aloe vera juice to facial skin, the skin will have an allergic reaction and cause human skin. Severe inflammatory reaction occurs, causing large erythema caused by the expansion of skin capillaries. Don’t try to save money, DIY homemade aloe vera gel to hurt your skin.

The second is to apply aloe vera gel to the eyes. Too much polysaccharide makes it easy to stick. Our eye skin is the most delicate and fragile. Applying aloe vera gel will cause fine lines and fat particles to grow around the eyes. Aloe vera gel is mainly used for repairing. If the eye area does not have the effect of removing dark circles and wrinkles, it is recommended to use special eye cream products to apply around the eyes. The third one does not follow the texture of aloe vera gel for skin care and it is easy to absorb from the cool skin, but if it is directly applied to the face, no skin care products will cause the skin to rely too much on aloe vera gel. Other skin care products are not subject to long-term use, and there is no repair effect. A lot of acne will grow. Aloe vera gel only has a hydrating effect. If you want to lock the skin’s moisture, you still need to use a cream or lotion to give the skin more nutrition.

After the fourth point, many girls have heard rumors that aloe vera gel can be used as a sleeping mask to apply thickly. In the end, the skin is not repaired, and one or two acne appears. After applying aloe gel, it will not clean, which will cause clogging of pores. Breathing skin, in fact, after the skin absorbs the required nutrients, too much will stay on the face, but it will find you as soon as the acne is closed. Have you remembered the 4 major misunderstandings of using aloe vera gel? Wrong use can cause acne.


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