Should drinking green tea at night is good or bad?


What happens to drink green tea before bed at night, who should not drink it?

Everyone will know the benefits of drinking green tea, this bed reduces the risk of many diseases ranging from cholesterol to heart attack. Some people like to drink it as soon as they wake up in the morning, while some people like to drink it before sleeping. Many people are unaware of whether green tea should be drunk at night or empty stomach in the morning. Let us to know if you should take green tea before sleeping or not?

Should drink green tea at night ?

You should not forget to drink green tea before sleeping at night. 95 mg of green tea contains three times more caffeine than a cup of copy. If you drink green tea before sleeping at night, then your sleep will be disturbed.

Green tea and sleep problems

Drinking green tea before going to bed at night causes caffeine in your body and makes you sleepy. It is a bad habit, never forget to drink green tea before sleeping at night. You should not drink green tea more than twice a day, because anything should be taken in the right amount. Two green teas cups a day is enough for your good health.

Green tea and Being stone

People with kidney stones should never forget and take more than two green tea in a day. Green tea contains Polyphemus which reduce the risk of cancer and also aids in weight loss, as it has metabolic enhancing properties.

Green tea and Alzheimer’s Risk

Green tea is beneficial in diseases ranging from Alzheimer’s to dementia. Green tea also contains ingredients that relieve depression. The antioxidants present in green tea provide relief to your body and reduce stress. Green tea contains the amino acid Athenian which boosts your dopamine and keeps your mood fine.


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