How to diabetes Increases in Children?


1. Why Diabetes Increases in Children? 

Hearing the name of diabetes, first comes in the brain that this disease occurs only in old age. But it is not so, there is no age limit for this disease. alongwith the elders, this diseases is also taking hold of the children. Diabetes in children is also called type 1. Bad eating and drinking habits are the main reason for this disease.

By observing some of the symptoms in time, you can detect this disease and get the disease diagnosed. Let us know the main symptoms, causes and treatment of diabetes in children.

2. What are Symptoms of diabetes problem in children ?

  •  Children usually have fatigue,
  •  headache, more thirst, – more hunger,
  • behavior change, – stomach ache,

needless weight loss, especially at night. Symptoms of diabetes can be identified in them by frequent urination, itching around the sex organs.

The immune system produces antibiotics to fight against the persistent freezing cold. Because of this, most antibiotics end up eliminating the cold, reducing insulin and the risk of diabetes

Viral infections

Diabetes type 1  cause can be viral infections because they destroy insulin cells. However, it is not a common cause of diabetes.

Lack of physical activity

Insulin producing cell to be affected due to Lack of physical activity. This can be affect sugar level of the blood , causing the risk of diabetes.

Over weight  

Excess intake of carbohydrates can cause it to accumulate as fat in the body. Apart from this, sugar, chocolate and sweets etc. increase the weight on pancreatic gland. Because of which gradual exhaustion of insulin cells leads to diabetes.


Diabetes is the genetic cause of the child. If someone in the parent has diabetes, the child may be born with the disease or may be at risk from 25 to 50 years of age.

3. Keep children away from these things fast food

Nowadays, the habit of eating fast food has increased a lot in children. This increases the amount of calories in the body, causing children to suffer from obesity and diabetes. Therefore, it is better to keep children away from fast food.

Bakery items

Cakes and pastries are also dangerous for children’s health.  It is made by Sodium and sugar, so eating it increases the sugar level. It also affects insulin function.  the risk of heart disease also reason to increases.

Soft drinks

Cold drinks have a very high sugar content, so drinking drinks increases the amount of sugar in the blood.  as well as , the calorie also increases, which increases the higher risk of diabetes.

White bread

Do not give white bread to children also. This is not quickly digested and eating it increases the level of sugar in the blood. If the child is already diabetic, then stay away from white bread.

Candy, cookies and chocolate

Candy, cookies and chocolate have a high sugar content and are not nutritious at all. They also contain less carbohydrate content. This increases the sugar level in the blood, increasing the risk of diabetes many times. Therefore, no matter how stubborn the children, keep them away from chocolate, candy and cookies.[/expand]

4. What is the diet Plan for diabetes problem in children?

Give two or three glasses of milk to children on daily bases. Milk is rich in carbohydrates and protein and it balances the blood sugar level. – Include high fiber vegetables such as peas, beans, broccoli, spinach and green leafy vegetables in the children’s diet. Also feed lentils. – Fiber-rich fruits such as papaya, apple, orange, pear and guava are also good to eat, but do not give mango, banana and grapes to children, because they are very high in sugar. -fiber and Carbohydrates found in whole grains are very good for health. It is  balance blood  and easily digested of sugar levels.

5. What is Treatment of diabetes or diabetes in children ?

Insulin therapy is given to children with diabetes. Some time  the child is given a low dose of insulin in the first year of diagnosis. This is called the ‘honeymoon period’. Very Young children usually are not injected at night, but insulin is started at night as they age.


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