Dark circles that even darken the eyelids be solved


Dark circles not only affect the overall image but at the same time, it is also a disease. If you don’t pay attention to improvement, it will be passed on to the next generation; therefore, how to remove dark circles has become the focus of many MMs!

1. Classification of dark circles

Dark circles are divided into two colors, one is cyan dark circles because of the retention of blood in the capillary veins; the other is brown dark circles, which are caused by incomplete melanin production and metabolism. The causes of these two types of dark circles are completely different.

a) Cyan dark circles:

Due to irregular daily life and staying up all night, the blood flow rate in the capillaries is slow, the blood volume increases and the oxygen consumption increases. From the outside, the skin appears dark blue. Due to the many capillaries around the eyes, lack of sleep, eye fatigue, stress, anemia and other factors can cause congestion and swelling of the skin around the eyes.

b) Tawny dark circles:

It is caused by incomplete production or metabolism of melanin in the epidermis, which is closely related to aging. Long-term sun exposure can cause pigmentation and form lingering dark circles over time. In addition, blood retention can cause a slowing of melanin metabolism and excessively dry skin, which will lead to dark brown The formation of eye circles.

2. Different causes of dark circles have different performance

a) Congenital dark circles

The congenital orbicularis oculi muscle is thicker, or the skin of the eye circle is darker or darker than the skin of the neighboring area. This kind of dark circle is mostly dark gray.

Retention of microvascular blood flow.

For example, staying up late increased pressure, excessive thinking, lack of sleep, etc. can cause the skin around the eyes to darken, mostly bluish-black. After removing the above-mentioned inducements, it can return to normal.

b) Pigmentation

If you frequently use cosmetics, draw eyeliner, and apply mascara, but fail to remove your makeup thoroughly, some dark cosmetic particles may penetrate into the eye skin and cause dark circles.

c) Unbalanced nutrition

Irregular diet and lack of iron can lead to anemia and dark circles, often accompanied by pale lips and conjunctiva.

d) Aging and loose eye skin

It is more common in the elderly. After aging, the skin is aging and loose, and the skin is wrinkled together causing the appearance of the skin to become darker than the surroundings.

e) Eye shadow

Shadows caused by tear grooves formed on the underside of the eye bags or the orbit.

3. “Sweeping Black” Operation

a) Replenish nutrients to eye skin

The eye skin is delicate and fragile, only 1/4 of the thickness of the facial skin. Special eye care products such as eye cream, eye essence, and eye mask can take care of the eyes.

b) Promote blood circulation around the eyes

Dark circles are mostly caused by poor blood circulation. Acupuncture points around the eyes and hot compresses on the eyes can promote blood circulation around the eyes and have a significant effect on relieving dark circles caused by poor blood circulation.

c) Avoid pigmentation

Avoid using inferior products, remove eye makeup, and clean thoroughly.

d) Sun protection

Ultraviolet rays can not only tan the skin, but also accelerate the aging of the skin, the aging and relaxation of the eye skin, deepen the tear channel and eye bags, and also make the dark circles more obvious.


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