How to remove facial wrinkles by Collagen thread lift facials ?


Nowadays, in the name of beauty treatment in the market, many techniques and new treatments have been devised which keep you young while maintaining the beauty of the face. The collagen thread lift facials containing copper peptides are now also included in this list. According to Beauty Expert, copper peptides considered essential for many body functions are very small molecules that can enter the skin after being applied to the skin by collagen thread lift facials. It makes the skin glowing and soft with repairing the tissues inside some of the skin.

How to copper works in Collagen thread lift facials ?

Copper has two different physiological and metabolic process properties, which makes copper an active material for skin improvement. The human peptide (glycyl-L-histidyl-L-lysine), which repairs skin tissue in the human body, also has the ability to bind small particles of copper. But gradually its quantity decreases in the plasma. Taking care of this, copper peptides are used in skin and hair products today. Its use usually removes thick lines and wrinkles under the face, forehead, eyes, like Botox treatment, and also gets rid of unwanted facial spots

How this facial is ?

At the beginning of this facial, the skin is cleaned with a collagen cleanser to remove dirt, extra oil and makeup. The dead skin is then removed by scrubbing the collagen with black and white heads from the scrub. In the next step, by massaging it with a collagen cream for 12 to 15 minutes, the skin begins to repair naturally. Then it is cleaned with wet cotton by applying a collagen pack for 15-10 minutes. This makes your skin look glowing. After this, copper threads are spray on the face and copper threads are placed on the skin. These threads are placed on the forehead, eyes, both of the lips and on the lower line and on the chin. Ultrasonic rays are applied to these threads for 8 minutes, allowing them to penetrate deep inside the skin.

Leave the skin free for 24 hours after treatment

After this, leave the face the same way for 24 hours. With this, copper peptides go inside the skin and start their work like Botox. But do not apply anything on the face within these 24 hours.

These people can enjoy more benefits

People of any age can enjoy the benefits of collagen thread lift facials. These are very beneficial to reduce the facial aging factor. Apart from this, before marriage, the bride to be glowing can get this facial to done for the skin. People who are troubled by the problem of dry skin, using this facial also helps in maintaining miniaturization in the skin.


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