Alopecia areata knows these reasons and will soon heal hair growth


Alopecia areata is the most disturbing of all hair loss symptoms. A good chunk of hair was suddenly lost, and it was very thorough. Unlike other hair loss, it is slow and can be covered in appearance. Alopecia areata is the most direct form of hair loss. A piece of hair is lost all at once, revealing the scalp. Walking on the street is so conspicuous.

What causes alopecia areata?

Is there any good treatment?

Let’s talk about it today?

The causes of alopecia areata are most commonly caused by mental stress, allergies, poisoning, and nutritional deficiencies:

Mental stress

We often hear that mental stress can cause whiteheads overnight, and even suddenly a large area of hair loss. This is mainly due to strong mental stimulation, abnormal secretion of body glands, and large amounts of adrenaline. The comprehensive immune system is disordered, leading to immune function mistakenly invading the local hair follicles as foreign bodies, attacking the phage cells, and damage to the hair follicles, resulting in rapid hair loss.

Allergic reactions

Most people have allergies, and the main reaction is on the epidermis. The physical condition of everyone is different, and the resistance of the epidermis to the outside world is different. Hair loss is one such phenomenon. Body hair loss may be inadvertent and not obvious, and the hair loss reaction will be very prominent, giving us the illusion that it is only hair loss. Allergies may be something that the epidermis has been exposed to in a short period of time. Maybe no one else is okay, but it affects their own skin.

Toxic and side effects

Each person’s body has different ability to deal with external substances, just like some people can drink alcohol, and some people have poor drinking volume. The study found that certain groups of people respond significantly differently to certain types of foods and drinks, reflecting their body, skin, and emotions. Alopecia areata may be due to ingestion of a substance that the body can’t handle, resulting in a superficial phenomenon. It is okay to take less, and it will be reflected once it is overdose.

Nutritional deficiencies

We found that most children with alopecia areata are caused by emotional or nutritional deficiencies. Hair growth requires more than 40 nutrients. Loss can cause hair loss. And when the general symptoms of alopecia areata, supplementing trace elements can alleviate to a certain extent.

What is a good way to treat alopecia areata? let’s introduce it.

Epidermal stimulation

Use ginger, chili, shochu, acacia liquid and other substances rich in cells and mucous membranes to apply to the bare skin. Proper stimulation can promote cell division and growth and accelerate germination. The concentration of external irritants should not be too high to avoid scalp damage.

Nutritional supplements

Eat plenty of fruits and eat tree nuts. Supplement vitamins and minerals in the body to increase body nutrition levels.

Peace of mind

Alopecia areata must first correct its mentality and increase sleep. Distract attention in life, cultivate some hobbies, enrich and enrich life.

Medicine and health care

Commonly used Chinese medicines for alopecia areata include Shouwu, Linglingxiang, Chuanqiong and so on. We can often use medicinal herbs to boil water and wash soaked hair loss areas. Promote hair growth. Appropriate kidney and health detoxification.

Alopecia areata is mainly stimulated, increased nutrition and rest, usually can be cured quickly. If it is more serious, and there is no sign of recovery or epidermal changes 1 or 2 months after the occurrence of hair loss, appropriate medication stimulation is needed to help recovery. Here is a good method, and there are many application examples. It is to spray hair matrix nutrient solution on the hair loss scalp. The nutrient solution is mainly the nutrient composition required for hair growth of the scalp. It is naturally natural, and has the effect of dilating capillaries and accelerating blood flow. Also contains cell growth and germinal active substances. The clinical response is better, and the effect is relatively faster in severe cases.

Alopecia areata is a temporary hair loss symptom, and generally can heal itself. Don’t be too nervous when you get sick. Conditioning in order will generally improve.



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